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Quick Health Advice

  1. Bald patch on top of head due to male hairloss

    Quick Health Advice: Male Hairloss

    Dr Christian explains the causes of male hairloss and the treatments available. Watch this video→

  2. Penile spot

    Quick Health Advice: Penis Spots

    Dr Christian discusses how to check for penile spots and what warning signs to look out for. Watch this video→

  3. A pile examination

    Quick Health Advice: Piles

    Dr Jessen passes on some advice about the causes of piles and the potential treatments available. Watch this video→

  4. Diagnosis of stress incontinence

    Quick Health Advice: Stress Incontinence

    Dr Harper discusses stress incontinence and what can be done to stop you continually running to the toilet. Watch this video→

  5. Psoriasis

    Quick Health Advice: Psoriasis

    Dr Harper explains the causes of and treatments available for psoriasis. Watch this video→

  6. Botox injection to treat excessive sweating

    Quick Health Advice: Excessive Sweating

    Dr Pixie discusses the causes of excessive sweating and the treatments available. Watch this video→

  7. A verruca on the sole of a foot

    Quick Health Advice: Warts and Verrucas

    Dr McKenna looks at the causes of warts and verrucas and some of the treatments available. Watch this video→

  8. Athlete's foot

    Quick Health Advice: Athlete's Foot

    Dr Harper gives out some advice on how to avoid getting the particulary nasty athlete's foot Watch this video→

  9. Acne on the back

    Quick Health Advice: Acne

    Dr Pixie McKenna provides some information on the causes of acne, zits and spots as well as some of the treatments available. Watch this video→

  10. A mole examination

    Quick Health Advice: Moles

    Dr Jessen advises on the kind of mole you should be looking out for and how to lower your risk of getting skin cancer Watch this video→

  11. Dr McKenna demonstrates how to test for bad breath

    Quick Health Advice: Bad Breath

    Dr McKenna gives out information on how to test for bad breath and what to do to avoid it. Watch this video→

  12. Excess hair in-between breasts may be because of unwanted facial hair

    Quick Health Advice: Unwanted Facial Hair

    Dr Harper explains the causes of unwanted facial hair and some of the treatments available. Watch this video→

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