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Embarrassing Old Bodies

  1. Menopause

    Menopause: Don't Suffer in Silence

    Dr Pixie presents an exclusive guide to the menopause. Watch this video→

  2. Prostate Guide

    Prostate: Don't Die of Embarrassment

    Dr Pixie presents a video looking at the prostate and the various problems that can develop with it Watch this video→

  3. andropause

    Consultation: Andropause

    An estimated 45% of men in their sixties are thought to suffer from andropause. Watch this video→

  4. bunion

    Consultation: Extreme Bunions

    Dr Christian meets Patricia, a patient who is suffering from bunions Watch this video→

  5. incontinence

    Consultation: Double Incontinence

    A patient who suffers from complete incontinence visits Dr Christian to discuss how suffering from the complaint is ruining her life. Watch this video→

  6. hearing loss

    Consultation: Hearing Loss

    Around half of all people aged over sixty experience distorted hearing, which can often lead to feelings of humiliation and isolation. Watch this video→

  7. hrt

    Consultation: HRT

    Hormone replacement therapy is commonly used to treat the negative symptoms associated with the depletion of the sex hormones oestrogen Watch this video→

  8. osteoarthritis

    Consultation: Osteoarthritis

    Dr Christian meets a patient who is suffering from rough cartilage in his knees leading to a sore sounding case of osteoarthritis. Watch this video→

  9. prostate cancer

    Consultation: Prostate Cancer Surgery

    Dr Christian meets a 69 year old patient who, after suffering from the bacterial infection Prostatitis, was later diagnosed with prostate cancer. Watch this video→

  10. Phimosis

    Consultation: Tight Foreskin

    Dr Pixie meets a patient who has suffered for many years with a common condition called phimosis Watch this video→

  11. Varisoce Veins

    Consultation: Varicose Veins

    About 20% of us suffer from varicose veins, blood vessels just beneath the skin that have widened and twisted due to defections in the valves. Watch this video→

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