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Series 2 Consultations

  1. Urinary Incontinence

    Consultation: Urinary Incontinence

    Dr Jessen meets a woman whose problem bladder is ruling her life, but luckily there's a solution, though not for the faint hearted. Watch this video→

  2. Vaginal Prolapse

    Consultation: Vaginal Prolapse

    Dr Harper examines a woman who has suffered a prolapsed vagina after the birth of her bouncing baby boy. Watch this video→

  3. Painful Penis

    Consultation: Painful Penis

    Dr Jessen treats a patient whose pleasures in life have been severely curtailed by a problem penis. Watch this video→

  4. Prostate Cancer

    Consultation: Prostate Cancer

    Dr Jessen treats a patient whose Prostate Cancer has worsened in recent months and must now consider the removal of the problem gland. Watch this video→

  5. Consultation: Breast Reduction

    A patient comes to see Dr Harper with enormous 36JJ Breasts that are in need of a reduction. Watch this video→

  6. Enlarged labia

    Consultation: Enlarged Labia

    A woman comes to see Dr McKenna about her enlarged labia. Watch this video→

  7. Ichthyosis

    Consultation: Ichthyosis

    Dr Harper treats a women for the skin condition Ichthyosis, with amazing results. Watch this video→

  8. Man boobs

    Consultation: Gynaecomastia

    Dr Jessen treats a man who's rapid weight loss has left him with folds of extra skin, and pronounced man boobs. Watch this video→

  9. Acne keloidalis

    Consultation: Acne Keloidalis

    A patient receives treatment for the disfiguring condition Acne Keloidalis. Watch this video→

  10. Acne scarring

    Consultation: Acne Scarring

    A patient comes to see Dr Harper about treatment for the scarring caused by her teenage acne. Watch this video→

  11. Breast Re-alignment

    Consultation: Breast Realignment

    Dr McKenna examines a patient who has reached the end of her tether with regard to her assymetric breasts. Watch this video→

  12. Breast Reconstruction

    Consultation: Breast Reconstruction

    Dr Jessen treats a breasts cancer survivor who wants to receive an implant to replace her breast that had to be removed during treatment. Watch this video→

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