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  • Knee damage

    Knee Damage

    The knee is an extremely complicated joint, with several structures that can be injured, including the collateral ligaments, the cruciate ligaments and the meniscus Read more →

    Hi I am a 31 year old female. I have had a pain in my right ankle for longer than 3 years. it started in the ankle bone, now it is painful on top of my foot towards my toes and in the akelies. I can only wear completely flat shoes, if i stand on anything uneven like sand, gravel or even a stone it is so painful, my foot gives way and I am unable to walk it is so painful. I went to the doctors a number of times but because i had full movement of my foot they dismissed me everytime, until i became pregnant with my 3rd child I went back to the doctors to see a trainee doctor who then referred me to a consultant because at night it would stiffen up and I could not walk to the toilet if I woke in the night, I had to hop or crawl. This was 2 years ago. The pain is not only in my foot now but my groin and i get burning pain in my right hip too. I have had an MRI on my feet a year ago which showed a slight sprain and also a bone scan which they have misplaced my results. I am now on my 3rd lot of physio, who cant help either. No-one seems to understand how distressing this is now my right leg goes dead and heavy and quiet often colder than my left. I am so upset about this. I am now waiting for another MRI scan for my back this time but I am going to london for it for the open scanner because I am really clostraphobic. The appointment is taken a while to come thro. I have recently had a polyp removed from inside my cervix and happened to mention to the gnaecologist that I have groin pain on my right side and he sent me off to have an ultrasound to see if I had any Cysts on my ovarie. I had this ultrasound a week ago and they have picked up that my right ovarie is not where it should be, it is tucked under my womb. I would be very grateful if there is anyone that could give me further advise on this as I am so desparate to get a diagnosis to solve this/these problems I have.

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    My name is Darren. And I'm 48 and have the saim as you. I've hurt all my life and hair on the spot. I've been to er 3 times with bad back pain. And the did cat scans each time. And told me I was fine probly a sprain. So all docters. Don't know crap. I went to a otho spesailist and he came back right off the bat and said I had a lot going on. He took one ex ray of back. And found my spinabifida right away. After 48 years finally. But ya I WOR one day and down for three lying down

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