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  • Parkinson's Disease

    First identified by Dr James Parkinson in 1817, Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic condition which affects sufferer’s movements - everything from walking to talking. Read more →

    My daughter was diagnosed with dyspraxia when she was 6. I realised that she couldn't hold a pencil properly and when she did it would always break. She struggles with reading and uses a colour rule line. Her writing is slow and sometimes unreadable. She needs extra time to finish work and often gets frustrated because of her slowness and clumsiness. You learn not to fill her glass too much because you know it'l get spilt. She has just turned 11 and has just learnt to ride her bike which was so much hard work but worth the reward. I am glad that you have talked about dyspraxia because alot of people have never heard of it. I find it a pity that there is no local centre here in Cornwall.

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