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Some women, who have vaginal thrush, use probiotics, such as live yoghurts, to help treat and prevent the condition. There is no medical evidence that probiotics are effective but, equally, there is no reason to think that they could be unsafe.

Some other techniques you may wish to try include:

  • wearing loose fitting underwear,
  • avoiding tight or synthetic (man-made) clothing, such as leggings or tight jeans,
  • avoiding perfumed soap, bubble bath and vaginal deodorant, 
  • making sure your vagina is well lubricated before sexual intercourse, for example by using a lubricating gel, to prevent any damage to the vagina,
  • when you go the toilet, make sure you wipe the genital area from front to back, and
  • if you are prescribed antibiotics for another condition, and this has caused an episode of thrush in the past, speak to your GP about this.
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