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100 Episodes: Dr Pixie Interview

Embarrassing Bodies is 100 episodes old on Monday 25 February (9pm, Channel 4). To mark the occasion we asked the good doctors to look back over the previous 99 shows, so they could choose their favourite and most memorable moments.

Today it’s Dr Pixie’s turn in the hot seat.

When the show first started, did you ever think you’d get to 100 episodes?

To be honest I thought Embarrassing Bodies would herald the start and the end of my TV career. I genuinely thought we would be put off air for showing piles before the watershed!

What was your favourite of the 100 episodes?

I just loved Embarrassing Teen Bodies. I was initially dreading it because I thought it would be dominated by attitude and angst but the reality was we met some amazing teens with some amazing stories to tell about their bodily struggles. It was a real eye opener and there were no Kevin and Perry types – the contributors were a dream!

What have been your most memorable cases?

Without a doubt one of my all time favourites was Maria from Wales who had a pair of testicles growing on her scalp – her description, not mine. She had two sebaceous cysts which had been there for years and yes, at first glance they really did resemble a man’s anatomy. She took it all in her stride, had them removed and hasn’t looked back since. She made me laugh so much as she was such a character – I’m even laughing now at the thought of it.

You’ve seen most things – has there been anything in the show that’s made you take a backwards step?

Yes! Carol, a lovely lady who gave herself twice daily enemas of Nescafé to aid her irritable bowel syndrome – the mind boggles!

Do you ever get cases where you haven’t got a clue what to do?

Yes and what I do is send the patient to the loo to do a specimen of urine, google the answer and pretend to be all knowledgeable on their return. It’s a trick of the trade for when you are clueless, taught to me by a colleague when I was a junior doctor!

What do you think the show has done, in terms of public service and improving the nation’s health?

The fact that the show gets people talking about taboo health issues has done wonders. There is a real buzz around Embarrassing Bodies and the beauty of it is that viewers are picking up little health bites as they watch. It is also used as an opening gambit when people go to their GP – they say “I saw X on Embarrassing Bodies and think I might have it”. It somehow makes it more acceptable to talk about it!

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The new series of Embarrassing Bodies starts on Monday 18 February at 9pm on Channel 4. The 100th episode will air a week later, on Monday 25 February.

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