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  1. With Thanks Episode 8

    All the specialists and treatments from episode 8 Read more →

  2. With Thanks Episode 7

    All the consultants and treatments from Episode 7 Read more →

  3. With Thanks Episode 6

    All the specialists from episode 6 of LFTC Read more →

  4. With Thanks Episode 5

    The LFTC team would like to thank: Mr Tim Underwood PhD FRCS, MRC Clinician Scientist, Senior Lecturer and Honorary… Read more →

  5. With Thanks Episode 4

    All the specialists from Episode 4 of LFTC Read more →

  6. With Thanks Episode 3

    Suppliers and Consultants from Episode 3 of Live From The Clinic Read more →

  7. With Thanks Episode 2

    The Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic team would like to thank the following organisations and individuals:… Read more →

  8. How To Donate Blood

    Find out how to donate blood if you are over 17. Read more →

  9. Embarrassing Bodies: Live From
    The Clinic

    Apply for a live consultation on Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinic Read more →

  10. With Thanks Episode 1

    A big thank you from the LFTC team to all our contributors and specialists. Read more →

  11. Embarrassing Bodies presents:
    Angry Boils

    Embarrassing Bodies presents: Angry Boils. A new game for iOS, Android and Kindle that allows you to take control of… Read more →

  12. Got an Embarrassing Question?

    Have you ever been to your doctors’ surgery and wondered why they do what they do? Why do they look into your… Read more →

  13. 100 Episodes: Dr Pixie

    Embarrassing Bodies is 100 episodes old on Monday 25 February (9pm, Channel 4). To mark the occasion we asked the g… Read more →

  14. Dr Christian Jessen

    100 Episodes: Dr Christian

    Embarrassing Bodies is 100 episodes old on Monday 25 February (9pm, Channel 4). To mark the occasion, we asked the… Read more →

  15. Dr Dawn Harper

    100 Episodes: Dr Dawn

    Embarrassing Bodies is 100 episodes old on Monday 25 February (9pm, Channel 4). To mark the occasion we asked the g… Read more →

  16. Embarrassing Bodies Twitter

    100 Episodes: Twitter Q&A

    Dr Dawn is joined by executive producer Sarah Eglin to answer your questions about the Embarrassing Bodies as we reac… Read more →

  17. Dr Christian working out

    Gateway to a Healthier You

    Here are a collection of resources to help you lose weight, get fit and feel healthy. Read more →

  18. Cervical Screening Tests

    Find out what's really involved in a smear test, and why it could save your life. Clear, concise info on cervical scr… Read more →

  19. My Molechecker app

    Embarrassing Bodies iPhone

    Find out about EB's range of free iPhone apps, designed to help you stay fit and healthy. Read more →

  20. Lung function test

    How to Test Your Lungs

    Find out how to estimate your lung age Read more →

  21. New Series of Embarrassing
    Teenage Bodies

    How to be on TV in the new series of Embarrassing Teenage Bodies. Read more →

  22. Warts

    Wart Treatments

    We discuss common treatments for warts, including some that might surprise you. Read more →

  23. Bone marrow

    Sign the Bone Marrow Register

    Find out how to sign up for the Bone Marrow Register. Read more →

  24. Be On Embarrassing Bodies

    Find out how you can get an appointment with one of the EB Doctors. Read more →

  25. Swine Flu

    Dr Pixie's advice about the recent Swine Flu outbreak Read more →

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