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Episode 5 - Series 7

Dr Christian and Nurse Joy Tickle do a double act on the truck in Birmingham tackling some untreatable skin conditions.

In our ‘re-build you’ strand Dr Dawn meets Becky whose body took a young blow following a stroke at just 45. Can the latest electro therapy give Becky back some body function and get her smiling again?

Dr Pixie meets a man with hot testicles that were unbearable to touch- she sends him off to see if multiple procedures could get his balls back in working order. And she’s getting to the bottom of cutting edge surgery techniques using our own anuses.

In Magaluf the week long surveillance continues as we take on the serious side effects of drink spiking with our party foursome. And back in the UK Dr Dawn uses high tech testing to investigate the worrying trend of buying ‘legal highs’ online, trying out the mocked up effects for herself.

The EB team would like to thank:

Becky’s Treatment
The Lindens Clinic
Diana Farragher – Physiotherapist
Jon Graham – Physiotherapist
Elizabeth Ackroyd – Speech Therapist
Different Strokes

Darryl’s Treatment
Ramsay West Midlands Hospital, Birmingham
BMI The Priory Hospital, Birmingham
Mr Paul Anderson – Consultant Urological Surgeon
Dr Ian McCafferty – Consultant Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist

Nina’s Treatment
Juvea Aesthetics
London Ultrasound Centre
Professor Gerard Conway – Endocrinologist
Lauren Sibley – Aesthetic Practitioner
Joanne Robinson – Senior Sonographer

Shelley’s Treatment
Ramsay West Midlands Hospital, Birmingham
Mr Sultan Hassan – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Elite Surgical

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Two weeks I was watching the programme of someone who had a stroke ....my brother was a GP had a severe stroke at 57 on the 3/10/13 could this pioneering electro therapy help my brother . He had given so much to the NHS, organised training courses, being part of committees working to make the NHS better.. Can the NHS help him please....

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