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Episode 4 - Series 7

In the clinic Dr Pixie helps a young man with a six year posterior problem that started with a tiny hair but ended up as a gaping hole.

The doctors continue to help people rebuild their bodies and their lives after serious health problems. This week Dr Christian meets Dawn, a transitioning male to female transsexual who’s spent a lifetime in a body that just didn’t feel right. Hearing Dawn’s amazing and unusual story he helps her reconstruct her body from top to toe: with new limbs, new breasts and new teeth.   Can he give her the body she was always meant to have if fate hadn’t dealt her such cruel blows?   

Our Boys in Magaluf are clocking up the alcohol count on their week long bender – this week Dr Dawn is checking for signs of liver damage. 

And the truck rolls up in Newcastle to find a man with a worrying lump and a lady whose hair loss means her confidence needs rebuilding. Plus Dr Pixie’s appealing to the local lasses to quit cigarettes by demonstrating what smoking does to the face.  

The EB team would like to thank:

Treatment for Dawn
Ramsay West Midlands Hospital, Birmingham
The London Prosthetic Centre
The Silicone Clinic
New Park House Dental Centre, Shrewsbury
Mr Guy Sterne – Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Mr Abdo Haidar – Consultant Prosthetist
Dr James Russell – Cosmetic Dentist
Dr Richard Gatenby – Implant Specialist
Straumann Dental Implants

Treatment for Charlotte
BMI The Priory Hospital, Birmingham
Mr Philip Toozs-Hobson – Consultant Urogynaecologist

Treatment for Lindsey
The Firvale Clinic, Southampton
Dr Carolyn Berry – Cosmetic Doctor
My New Hair
Trevor Sorbie

Treatment for Gary
St Marks Hospital, Harrow
The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust
Professor Sue Clark – Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Piccolo Xpress Analyser


  1. An in detail look at the operation to correct an inverted nipple
  2. An in detail look at the operation to correct a vascular birthmark.

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Hi I've been suffering with a pilonidal sinus for 8 years and saw the man on the show last week having the operation I'm due to have within the next month! Just wondering if you could let me know how he got on after the show as I'm worrying about the recovery period and it would be interesting to hear it from someone who's been through the same thing.thank you.

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